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Partners Development Group takes an intentional approach to value-add projects for our clients. First, we seek to clearly understand how a community can increase its market share with a value-add proposition. We carefully study the market and run both scenarios through our financial models. Then, we put our team of designers and contractors to work to achieve our design goals while staying within our conceptual budgets.

In addition to new construction and development, PDG has completed a number of major value-add renovations averaging around $1.8 million in value each. Our team also takes on major CapEx projects that are need-based and mission-critical but may be too large or complex for an operator to manage such as full sprinkler replacement in an occupied building.

Portfolio Level View of Investment

Taking an owner-style approach to analyzing portfolios, PDG has quality experience in outlining priority levels for larger investments into existing assets. This would include underwriting models to help understand what your investment means from a global perspective whether opportunistic, defensive, or a combination in nature.

Budgeting & Project Scheduling

Developing an overall Value-Add budget which outlines all hard and soft cost’s takes experience and an understanding of what truly goes into larger investment projects in existing assets. Being able to accurately outline and deliver on a project timeline is a crucial part of Owner’s and Operator’s reaping the benefits of their investment. Taking a project management style approach, PDG is able to provide clients with extremely budget and scheduling clarity that can be a roadmap and measuring tool to project success.

Design & Pricing Oversight

As the world continues to evolve, old space and programming plans are not often the most efficient nor match the level of competition in the local market. With a long history of project experience in both design and re-design of unit-based assets, PDG has an elevated capability to achieving our client’s end vision while maintaining budget through design. General contracting pricing oversight ensures that scope is covered in full and that investors are getting the best bang for their buck in a world of construction cost uncertainty.

Completing Work in Occupied Spaces

Many Value-Add investments need the work to be complete without pausing the surrounding operation within the asset. PDG has extensive experience in developing and managing construction phasing and approach plans which make investments into existing assets as seamless as possible.

The Phoenix at Lake Joy | Development by Phoenix Development Group | Warner Robins, GA
The Phoenix at Lake Joy | Development by Phoenix Development Group | Warner Robins, GA
The Phoenix at Lake Joy | Development by Phoenix Development Group | Warner Robins, GA